Pallet Racking

Pallet Rack

                            Pallet Rack is used for industrial strength warehouse shelving storage. It’s clever design allows you to simply slide the cross beams into place usually with no clips or other fasteners. New Era Products provides new and...

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Standard Upright

Capacities: 18,000 Lbs and 24,000 Lbs Height: 96'' to 288''   Depth: 24'' to 60'' Height X Depth        Height X Depth   96'' x 36''              192''x 36''   96'' x 42''              192''x 42''   96'' x 48''              192''x 48''   120''x 36''             216''x 36''   120''x 42''             216''x 42''   120''x...

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Standard Beam

Beams. Options are available in both sizes and lengths along with weight capacities. Teardrop design One piece designed Safety locks Standard three rivet design Powder coated   Standard Beam Sizes: Gauges 1.5 mm, 1.7 mm & 2.0 mm Lengths 96'', 108'' & 144'' Length X Height   96'' x 3...

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About Us

New Era Products, Inc. A Professional Team That Specialises In Designing, Installing And Maintaining Pallet Racking System.

Build With Confidence

New Era Brand Pallet Racking System Is Industry Recognized. Our Products Meet Or Exceed Industry Standards.

We Are Experts

New Era Team Consists Of Professionals. We Are Committed To Providing Our Customers Highest Quality Of Products And Best Services! Meet our teams

Serving Academy Sports

New Era Products, Inc. was awarded all the storage rack, pallet rack projects of Academy Sports during the past seven years. We have been supplying to Academy Sports 280 stores nationwide, we are very proud to announce that we continue to serve Academy Sports 2018 pallet racking projects!

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New Era Pallet Racking